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    Every day we communicate in various ways, and one of the ways we communicate is through writing.  Those of us who write realize the first origin of writings as on ancient cave walls and have been aware of the transition of writing through the years to what we know it to be today. Most of us write in one way or another and don’t really give it a second thought.

 We write grocery lists, to-do lists, and notes to each other, send cards with written messages, write in our school notebooks and the list goes on and on. We are unaware of this gift but we all choose to engage in the wonder of it because writing is vital to our communication. There are those however, who are not able to engage fully due to lack of exposure or ability, and others in our world, who not allowed to teach or learn this fine art. Some of us use this art to entertain or teach others about subjects of interest. Some of us are dreamers and write about things that are totally unknown to us. When we author a piece of writing, it is with purpose. I hope you will enjoy the journey on this site as we explore writing, present writing, and present opportunities, all in a fun way! Thank you for following along! I appreciate your love of this art!

As this site becomes more integrated, you will see different areas of exploration. There will be opportunities to blog, receive writing tips, see videos of some of my current published works and you will be able to download, for example, coloring pictures from my published children’s book. You will also be able to schedule book signings, and poetry or book readings through my contact page. Thank you for your patience as we create a wonderful site for all to enjoy!

 Joanne S. Rupp , Author

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Latest Published Writings

Butterscotch is a cute French bulldog puppy who experiences the feeling of 'Compassion' in this book along with his adorable human owner, Darcie. Doing different activities with her, Butterscotch understands how he sometimes feel things 'INSIDE' that he must then share on the 'OUTSIDE' to help make people feel better. Darcie and Butterscotch help a lost boy and feel great about it. Then, they visit Great-grandma in the Nursing Home and help her find happiness by showing Compassion. Come follow his newest Adventure!

Butterscotch finds His ‘Inside’ Gifts and Shares Them on the ‘Outside’

( BOOK 3 )

Just as the name implies, the word ‘exit’ has many meanings. This anthology of poems is compiled by the editor of poems written in the form of notes between 7 and 13 lines long. The author, JS Rupp, suggests that leaving a place can be heart-wrenching, yet the desire to return is ‘implicit,’ and even hopeful. The author reminds us that sometimes when we leave, the door is left open for return and in other cases, the door is shut forever leaving us with the saddest of feelings. The author reminds us that as hard as some things are to do, such as leaving, the prayerful hope to return can be carried in our hearts.

Exit notes


Degrees & Education Obtained

Graduated from the University of Wisconsin – Green Bay, WI

Bachelor of Science Degree in Psychology

Graduated from Hibbing State Junior College – Hibbing, MN

Associate Liberal Arts Degree

*Early Childhood Educator/Preschool Owner

*Currently a licensed Substitute Teacher Pre-K through 12th grade

*Published Author, poetry, short stories and Children’s Books

*Published in  the Academic Symposium of Excellence – UW-Green Bay, WI

*Ms. Rupp has received several professional designations, merit awards and recognitions in Early Childhood Education and in her professional career in property development and management.

10% of every book sold of the ‘Butterscotch’ series is donated to ‘Reading Is Fundamental. To learn more about the importance of reading and the mission of ‘Reading Is Fundamental’, please click here to visit the website  read more.

Currently, through 2023, Awriterslens LLC has contributed toward purchasing 123 books in the 4th Quarter alone. Let’s keep on helping to get books into the hands of more children everywhere! Awriterslens LLC is committed to making a difference! 

Appreciate Your Support!

Thanks To All That
Support My Mission!

 My mission has always been to motivate, inspire and reach out to others in need. Writing is one of the ways I try to do that. I wish to thank everyone who has helped me along the way in achieving those goals. I continue to expand my horizons and will continue to provide you with poems, short stories and children’s books that encourage people in thought and inspiration. I hope that one venue or another will resonate with you and help inpsire your creative side.

I am happy to announce that 10% of all net sales of my books will be going to the non-profit “Reading is Fundamental.” ‘Reading is Fundamental’s soul purpose is to get books into the hands of children and to support children’s literacy. We are excited that the content in my books has been accepted by this non-profit and the books have also been posted on their website. 

  The first 3 storybooks of the “Butterscotch Adventure Series” have been published and are available on many platforms, such as Amazon, Barnes & Noble, just to name a couple. These wonderful children’s storybooks are about feelings, social acceptance, and everyday values and virtues, as told through a darling little French bulldog puppy named “Butterscotch”, and his adorable little girl owner, Darcie! “Butterscotch Goes to Puppy Academy,” is a children’s book about first feelings, coping and developing socially in a child’s own timeframe. It takes understanding ‘patience’ and ‘courage.’ Children relate well to ‘Butterscotch and Darcie!’ because many of them have experienced or will experience these feelings, and most children love puppies and can relate closely to the feelings of Butterscotch and Darcie. I hope that children, parents, teachers, caretakers or anyone else who may read to children will learn from Butterscotch and Darcie’s adventures.  “Butterscotch Learns to Do ‘Something about SOME THINGS!’, the second book, in this series  is an endearing story about feeling ‘Disappointed’…Butterscotch has to learn what it is, how it feels, and then what to do about it…Darcie helps him nagivate through all of it:). The third book just released is “Butterscotch Finds his ‘INSIDE’ gifts and shares them on the ‘OUTSIDE!’ How do we teach children about ‘Compassion?’ Follow Butterscotch and Darcie through this beautifully illustrated book. Learn how they find their ‘INSIDE’ gifts. These books are full of valuable lessons in social, emotional and everyday feelings.. and for young readers learning to read!

     Thanks so much for allowing me to enter your world through the power of words. It is such a pleasure to have you as my guest. Read and enjoy!

Joanne S. Rupp

Thanks To All That
Support My Mission!

Located in

Neenah, Wisconsin

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